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Title Abstractor, Process Server


Moonlighters/Schaeffer Papers is a family owned and operated legal service company that was established in 1989. Starting out with a small downtown office, and a few Private Process Servers, serving papers only in the Memphis area, then in 1998 the company took on a Title Abstractor. With just one Title Abstractor offering service in Shelby county Moonlighters quickly became known for having the fastest Title Abstractor and the best customer service in town. It wasn’t long before Moonlighters had to hire

more Title Abstractors, and start


offering service in over 37 counties (please click here to see a list of our counties)  in the state of Tennessee and North Mississippi. To this day, with over 10 Title Abstractors, Moonlighters still has the same focus on being the fastest without sacrificing the quality of work and customer service.


We also offer Witness Only Closings, and Skip Tracing. Our fast and friendly Notary Public can witness a closing at the customer’s home or in our office, whatever location is convenient for the customer. With our Skip Tracing service we can get a new address, phone number, place of work, and driver license information on someone anywhere in the U.S.


Moonlighters can handle all your Title Abstracting, Document Retrieval, Process Serving, Skip Tracing, and Witness Only Closing needs.


Commitment to Customer Service

Efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction are our main goals. At

Moonlighters we are always looking for ways to better our customer service.


“I love Moonlighters.  They get the job done and do it quick.”

- Ron Harvey, Attorney


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